Meet Our Consultation Team

Ms. Wylie Cheung

職業治療師 Occupational Therapist (HK)

Mrs. Sharon Noble

 認證應用行為分析師 BCBA


Our Service Consultants


香港專業培訓學會 為 大中華區第一所
認可 國際行為分析師 及 技術員(IBA/IBT) 培訓機

Mr. Lawrence Chu

Executive Director (HKSPT)

Mr. H.K. Chu

Assistance Director


Mr. C.F. Lam

International Behavior Analyst

Ms. T.F. Kuok

Senior ABA Teacher

Mr. J. Pak

Registered Behavior Technician (RBT)

Mr. K. Ou

Registered Behavior Technician

Mr. H.K. Chu

Senior Psychology Counsellor
(Specialized in Behavior Management)

  • Board Certified Behavior Analyst BCBA  認證行為分析師
  • International Behavior Analyst IBA  國際行為分析師
  • MA (ABA) 應用行為分析文碩士
  • Practicum Supervisor USJ Master of Counselling & Psychotherapy 聖約翰大學 輔導與心理治療系 實習導師
  • Practicum Supervisor UM Bachelor of Psychology 澳門大學 心理學系 實習導師
  • BS Psychology Summa Cum Laude 心理學理學士 第一榮譽 (UIU)
  • Certified Spec. Edu. Teacher in Beckman Oral Motor Intervention (認證口肌干預特教教師)
  • Licensed Hypnotherapist (NGH) 催眠治療師
  • Certified Conflict Management Trainer (NFPS) 衝突處理認證導師
  • Certified Self-Defense Trainer (NFPS) 自我防衛認證導師
  • Certified Restraint and Breakaway Trainer (NFPS) 脫身及控制法認證導師
  • NLP Master Practitioner 資深認證身心語言程式學執行師
  • Certified Laughter Yoga Leader 大笑瑜伽領袖
  • Instructor in Hong Kong Society of Professional Training 香港專業培訓學會導師
  • Over 18 years and 20,000 hours experience with children with Autism 超過18年 及 20,000小時 與自閉症相處或訓練的經驗 
  • Over 800 hours practicum in Sensory Integration therapy 超過800小時感覺統合治療實習
  • Current Doctoral Study in Education 現修讀教育博士

Jenkin 畢業於美國 Cairn University 應用行為分析文碩士,同時亦持有美國心理學(第一榮譽)理學士。Jenkin 從2002年開始接觸自閉症及參與自閉症義工服務,後來2008到西澳柏斯留學,寄宿在自閉症兒童的家庭4年,深深體驗照顧自閉症人士的辛酸。所以從那時開始,Jenkin便對自閉症兒童有負擔,相信「天生我才必有用」這道理。於2009年開始,便開始自己計設方法及課程,訓練寄宿家庭中的自閉症兒童自理,大肌及遊戲技巧。2011年開始,在西澳柏斯 開始提供 1對1 自閉症行為分析,感覺遊戲,大小肌、樂器、球類、游泳及桌上訓練,同時修讀各樣與自閉症相關課程,如表達藝術,專業教練學,屋樹人心理分析等等,於2016年回港澳地區後投入全職ABA家居訓練及心理輔導服務,希望為每位兒童都能發揮他們所有潛質!

Jenkin 亦透過香港專業培訓學會為 澳門教青局、香港弘立書院、香港思拔中心、香港善導會、澳門利民會進行培訓。

Jenkin holds a master degree in ABA and a bachelor degree in Psychology. He has about 20 years of experience with people with Autism. Since 2002, he has volunteered in Louis Program Hong Kong, an NGO for Autism. In 2008, he studied abroad in Australia where he lives in a family of a children with ASD. In 2009, he started working with the family’s child by providing programs for the child including self-care, gross motor and play skills. In 2011, while he was studying occupational therapy,  he started to provide programs to other Individuals with developmental disabilities and ASD by using ABA methods and teaching them different skills, such as ball games, music instruments, table tasks, sensory-based training in gross motor and fine motor. In 2016, He further strengthened himself by studying expressive art, coaching, projective counselling and other related courses.  His board experience in working with people with Autism enable him to deal with all sort of challenging behaviors and is able to help every child to reach their full potential.



Jenkin has also various cooperate training experience include Hong Kong Nesbitt Centre, The ISF Academy (Hong Kong), The Society of Crime Prevention and Rehabilitation, and Macao Richmond Fellowship.

Mr. C.F. Lam

Behavioral Counsellor
International Behavior Analyst

  • Bachelor in Psychology 心理學學士
  • International Behavior Analyst (IBA) 認證國際行為分析師
  • Registered Behavior Technician 註冊行為技術員 (RBT)
  • NFPS Trainer (Restraint & Breakaway) 認證NFPS (脫身及約束法) 導師

Ms. T. F. Kuok

Behavior Analytic Teacher

  • BA (Education) 教育學文學士
  • Special Education Certificate (US) 曾選修美國特殊教育之認可課程
  • Sensory Integration Training Certificate 感覺統合訓練證書課程
  • Functional Behavior Assessment Certificate 功能性行為分析評估證書課程
  • Behavior Analyst under Supervision 正受督導之行為分析師

Mr. Justin Pak

Registered Behavior Technician

  • Registered Behavior Technician 註冊行為技術員(RBT)
  • Bachelor of Social Science in Psychology 心理學學士
  • Behavior Analyst under Supervision 正受督導之行為分析師

Ms. Karena Ou
Registered Behavior Technician

  • Registered Behavior Technician 註冊行為技術員
  • Bachelor of Social Science in Psychology 心理學學士
  • Master of ABA Student (USA) 美國 ABA碩士學生
  • Behavior Analyst under Supervision 正受督導之行為分析師
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